Transmission monitioring in Munin

Over the last few weeks I've been hacking on another plugin for Munin to show the status of the torrent client Transmission. After a few rewrite, some more Perl-epiphanys and some friendly advice I now have a working version. It looks something like this, although I haven't had much data to graph yet.


The result can be found in my repo at Github:

PHP memory logger for Munin

I did some Munin hacking trying to figure out where all the memory was going on a VPS and finally put together these scripts that

  • Log peak memory usage for all PHP scripts (or atleast all over a certain threshold)
  • Graph this data in Munin to keep track of memory hogs
It's nothing super fancy or even nicely written, but it's a start and it might inspire someone else to do it better. Please let me know if you do!
You can find the source in my GitHub repo at

CodeIgniter Error Notifier 0.0.3

I pushed out 0.0.3 of my CI error notifier today. It's yet another minor update that fixes an error if nothing was logged one day and I moved the state file that keeps track of when the last notification was sent. It now resides inside the log folder and is called ".notifier_state". It's also configurable using the "state_file" setting if anyone wants it somewhere else.

Broken notifications on BandStalk

Not that anyone but me uses it at the moment, but I just corrected a minor mistake in the notifications. Turns out notification mails, the very heart and soul of BandStalk, cannot work when the email template is deleted. Who would have known?

It's fixed now anyways, so go sign up! It's real easy, even though I haven't managed to write any informative texts yet ;)


I'm currently in the process of rebooting from being just my almost-never updated swedish blog, into a home for my collected projects. I have a bunch of stuff going on in different places on the net and I figured I wanted somewhere to connect all of these things and hopefully get some feedback as well.

Bloggen är kvar och jag kommer säkerligen uppdatera den precis lika ofta, bara klicka "Old blog"-länken i toppen!